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À la Carte

Delicous Food
The A5 Wagyu "Phở" New

Simple Bowl of Pho served with Amazing Sliced *A5 Wagyu, Fresh Rice Noodle, Beef Bone, Spring Onion

Phở Lúa

The Original Pho Bowl, *Fillet Mignon, Tendon, Brisket, Beef Bone Broth, Fresh Noodle, Spring Onion

Phở Tái

Traditional Pho Bowl, *Fillet Mignon, Beef Bone Broth, Fresh Rice Noodle, Spring Onion

Phở Gà Tươi

Vietnamese Style Stir Fry Rice Noodle With Beef. Served with a bowl of beef bone broth

Bò Né Chef's Choice

Sizzling Fillet Mignon Steak & Double Running Egg, Pate, Vietnamese Ham, Onion, Tomatoes. Serve w/ Bread

Best Drinks & Deserts
Tàu hủ Trân Châu

Jiggie Tofu Pudding with Brown Sugar Boba

Bánh Flan Trân Châu

Boba Coffee Flan

Cà phê Trứng New

"Hà Nội" Style Egg Coffee

Cà phê Dừa Khoai Môn

Coconut Coffee

Bạc Xỉu

Vietnamese Iced Milk Coffee

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Our Story

At our restaurant, we aim to bring the authentic flavors and atmosphere of Vietnam to your table. Our menu is a celebration of traditional dishes, crafted with care using the freshest ingredients and time-honored cooking methods.

Our space is designed to blend modern and traditional elements, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere . We welcome you to come and join us on a culinary journey through our homeland.

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